• Compact Microstrip Antenna Design for Microwave Imaging

      Adnan, S.; Abd-Alhameed, Raed A.; Hraga, Hmeda I.; Elfergani, Issa T.; Child, Mark B. (2010-11-08)
      An ultra-wideband microstrip antenna design is considered with respect to applications in breast cancer detection. The underlying design concept is based on ground penetrating radar (GPR). Simulated and measured prototype performance show excellent performance in the input impedance and radiation pattern over the target range from 4 GHz to 8 GHz. The 4 GHz to 8GHz frequency band for microwave imaging perform better in comparison with other microwave frequencies. The antenna also shows a reasonable uniform radiation performance in the broadside direction which contributes to the reduction of clutter levels, thus aiding the reconstruction quality of the final image.