• Modelling priority queuing systems with varying service capacity

      Chen, M.; Jin, X.L.; Wang, Y.Z.; Cheng, X.Q.; Min, Geyong (2013)
      Many studies have been conducted to investigate the performance of priority queuing (PQ) systems with constant service capacity. However, due to the time-varying nature of wireless channels in wireless communication networks, the service capacity of queuing systemsmay vary over time. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate the performance of PQ systems in the presence of varying service capacity. In addition, self-similar traffic has been discovered to be a ubiquitous phenomenon in various communication networks, which poses great challenges to performance modelling of scheduling systems due to its fractal-like nature. Therefore, this paper develops a flow-decomposition based approach to performance modelling of PQ systems subject to self-similar traffic and varying service capacity. It specifically proposes an analytical model to investigate queue length distributions of individual traffic flows. The validity and accuracy of the model is demonstrated via extensive simulation experiments.