• Testing and analysis of concrete-filled elliptical hollow sections

      Yang, H.; Lam, Dennis; Gardner, L. (2008)
      Concrete-filled steel tubes are gaining increasing prominence in a variety of engineering structures, with the principal cross-section shapes being square, rectangular and circular hollow sections. A recent addition to this range has been that of elliptical hollow sections. The structural response of empty elliptical tubes has been examined in previous studies. In this paper, the cross-sectional axial behaviour of concrete-filled elliptical hollow sections is investigated. An experimental programme comprising a total of 21 test specimens, with three nominal tube thicknesses (4 mm, 5 mm and 6.3 mm) and three concrete grades (C30, C60 and C100) has been performed. The effects of steel tube thickness, concrete strength and constraining factor on elastic stiffness, ductility and ultimate strength were studied. To simulate the effects of concrete shrinkage, the inner surfaces of 6 of the 21 test specimens were coated with grease prior to casting. To investigate confinement effects, a further 6 of the 21 test specimens were loaded through the concrete core only. The results of the tests presented herein were combined with those from previous studies, and compared with existing design provisions for square, rectangular and circular concrete-filled tubes. The design expressions from current European, North American, Japanese, British and Chinese Standards were assessed. On the basis of the comparisons, design recommendations for concrete-filled elliptical hollow sections have been made.