• Nonlinear hydro turbine model having a surge tank.

      Zeng, Y.; Guo, Yakun; Zhang, L.; Xu, T.; Dong, H. (2013-01)
      This paper models a hydro turbine based on the dynamic description of the hydraulic system having a surge tank and elastic water hammer. The dynamic of the hydraulic system is transformed from transfer function form into the differential equation model in relative value. This model is then combined with the motion equation of the main servomotor to form the nonlinear model of the hydro turbine, in which the power of the hydro turbine is calculated using algebraic equation. A new control model is thus proposed in which the dynamic of the surge tank is taken as an additional input of control items. As such, the complex hydraulic system is decomposed into a classical one penstock and one machine model with an additional input control. Therefore, the order of the system is descended. As a result, the feasibility of the system is largely improved. The simulated results show that the additional input of the surge tank is effective and the proposed method is realizable.