• Development of a Knowledge Management System Integrated with Local Communication Channels and Knowledge Management Initiatives for Kenyan Rural Farming Communities

      Wirastuti, N.M.A.E. Dewi; Luckin, R.; Sheriff, Ray E.; Walker, K.; Underwood, J.; Dunckley, L. (23/03/2008)
      This paper presents an innovative application of wireless, mobile and ubiquitous technologies to support informal and collaborative learning in Kenyan rural farming communities. Such an approach is achieved by the development of a knowledge management system (KMS) integrated with existing local community communication channels, together with experimental knowledge management (KM) initiatives employing the VeSeL (Village e-Science for Life) distributed resource kits (DRKs). The initiatives support illiterate and semi-literate farming community groups, in learning new agriculture practices, and also enable the use of advanced digital technology to improve their agricultural practices and literacy levels. Results of a recent field trip to Kenya are presented and an application sketch is developed. The process of applying wireless and Internet technologies for the education of local farming communities, using irrigation and water management as the application, concludes the paper.