• Comprehensive review of VPPs planning, operation and scheduling considering the uncertainties related to renewable energy sources

      Ullah, Zahid; Mokryani, Geev; Campean, I. Felician (2019-09)
      The penetration of renewable energies in the energy market has increased significantly over the last two decades due to environmental concerns and clean energy requirements. The principal advantage of renewable energy resources (RESs) over non-RESs is that it has no direct carbonisation impact on the environment and that it has none of the global warming effects which are caused by carbon emissions. Furthermore, the liberalisation of the energy market has led to the realisation of the virtual power plant (VPP) concept. A VPP is a unified platform for distributed energy resources that integrates the capacities of various renewable energies together for the purpose of improving power generation and management as well as catering for the buying and selling of energy in wholesale energy markets. This review study presents a comprehensive review of existing approaches to planning, operation and scheduling of the VPP system. The methodologies that were adopted, their advantages and disadvantages are assessed in detail in order to benefit new entrants in the power system and provide them with comprehensive knowledge, techniques and understanding of the VPP concept.