• Morphology and hydrodynamics numerical simulation around groynes

      Pourshahbaz, H.; Abbasi, S.; Pandey, M.; Pu, Jaan H.; Taghvaei, P.; Tofangdar, N. (2022-01)
      Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) represents a useful tool to study natural currents in the rivers and estuaries with erosive materials; therefore, it is always in the keen interest for scientists to further study and advance it, especially when numerical model has the advantages compared to actual laboratory experiment in terms of cost, time, and restrictions on conditions of the physical models and field collections. The present study deals with the hydro-morphological investigation and numerical modeling of a group of vertically stationed parallel groynes using FLOW-3D commercial software. To validate the results of the FLOW-3D simulation, it has been compared to the experiments from literature. Besides, a SSIIM 2.0 software has also been employed to compare with some of the FLOW-3D results. It was found that the accuracy of the FLOW-3D model influenced by the approach Froude number and the critical velocity ratio (Uavg/Ucr). Even though it underestimated the measured scour depth (due to complex and intense vortices, which reduce the accuracy of the numerical models), but general results from the model have reproduced the measured data well.