• The GAMESS-UK electronic structure package: algorithms, developments and applications.

      Guest, M.F.; Bush, I.J.; Van Dam, H.J.J.; Sherwood, P.; Thomas, J.M.H.; Van Lenthe, J.H.; Havenith, R.W.A.; Kendrick, John (2005)
      A description of the ab initio quantum chemistry package GAMESS-UK is presented. The package offers a wide range of quantum mechanical wavefunctions, capable of treating systems ranging from closed-shell molecules through to the species involved in complex reaction mechanisms. The availability of a wide variety of correlation methods provides the necessary functionality to tackle a number of chemically important tasks, ranging from geometry optimization and transition-state location to the treatment of solvation effects and the prediction of excited state spectra. With the availability of relativistic ECPs and the development of ZORA, such calculations may be performed on the entire Periodic Table, including the lanthanides. Emphasis is given to the DFT module, which has been extensively developed in recent years, and a number of other, novel features of the program. The parallelization strategy used in the program is outlined, and detailed speedup results are given. Applications of the code in the areas of enzyme and zeolite catalysis and in spectroscopy are described.