• Towards a Model-Based Systems Engineering Approach for Robotic Manufacturing Process Modelling with Automatic FMEA Generation

      Korsunovs, Aleksandrs; Doikin, Aleksandr; Campean, I. Felician; Kabir, Sohag; Hernandez, E.M.; Taggart, D.; Parker, S.; Mills, G. (Cambridge University Press, 2022-05)
      The process of generating FMEA following document-centric approach is tedious and susceptible to human error. This paper presents preliminary methodology for robotic manufacturing process modelling in MBSE environment with a scope of automating multiple steps of the modelling process using ontology. This is followed by the reasoning towards automatic generation of process FMEA from the MBSE model. The proposed methodology allows to establish robust and self-synchronising links between process-relevant information, reduce the likelihood of human error, and scale down time expenses.