• A wide-angle pattern diversity antenna system for mmWave 5G mobile terminals

      Sadananda, K.G.; Elfergani, Issa T.; Zebiri, C.; Rodriguez, Jonathan; Koul, S.K.; Abd-Alhameed, Raed A. (MDPI, 2022-02)
      A shared ground shared radiator with wide angular coverage for mmWave 5G smartphones is proposed in this paper. A four-element corporate-fed array with conventional impedance matched power divider is designed. Stepped impedance transformers are integrated with the corner most elements to achieve pattern diversity with wide angular coverage without signifi-cant compromise in gain. The proposed three-port shared radiator conformal commercial an-tenna could be easily integrated with commercial mmWave 5G smartphones. All the three ports’ excitations operate in the 28 GHz band. Radiation pattern bandwidth of the multi-port system is high. The gain variation is from 6 to11 dBi amongst the ports and across the operating spectrum. The highest mutual coupling is 10 dB, in spite of the electrically connected structure. The pro-posed shared radiator element has a wide angular coverage of 100°, maintaining high front-to-back ratio when the respective port is excited. Simulation and measurement results for the proposed structure are illustrated in detail.