• A preliminary radicalisation framework based on social engineering techniques

      Sabouni, S.; Cullen, Andrea J.; Armitage, Lorna (2017-06-20)
      The use of online forums and social media sites by extremists for recruiting and radicalising individuals has been covered extensively by researchers. Meanwhile, the social engineering techniques utilised by these extremists to lure marginalised individuals into radicalisation has been neglected. In this article, the social engineering aspects of online radicalisation will be explored. Specifically, the five Principles of Persuasion in Social Engineering (PPSE) will be mapped onto the online radicalisation methods employed by extremists online. Analysing these tactics will aid in gaining a deeper understanding of the process of indoctrination and of the psychology of both the attacker and the target of such attacks. This understanding has enabled the development of a preliminary radicalisation framework based on the social traits of a target that may be exploited during an attack.