• Raman spectroscopic analysis of cyanobacterial colonization of hydromagnesite, a putative martian extremophile

      Edwards, Howell G.M.; Jorge Villar, Susana E.; Moody, Caroline D.; Newton, Emma M.; Russell, M.J. (2005)
      Raman spectra of an extremophile cyanobacterial colony in hydromagnesite from Lake Salda in Turkey have revealed a biogeological modification which is manifest as aragonite in the stratum associated with the colony. The presence of key spectral biomarkers of organic protectant molecules such as (8-carotene and scytonemin indicate that the survival strategy of the cyanobacteria is significantly one of UV-radiation protection. The terrestrial location of this extremophile is worthy of consideration further because of its possible putative link with the White Rock formations in Sabaea Terra and Juventae Chasma on Mars.