• Coherence protection by the quantum Zeno effect and nonholonomic control in a Rydberg rubidium isotope.

      Brion, E.; Akulin, V.M.; Comparat, D.; Dumer, I.; Harel, Gil; Kabaili, N.; Mazets, I.; Kurizki, G.; Pillet, P. (2005)
      The protection of the coherence of open quantum systems against the influence of their environment is a very topical issue. A scheme is proposed here which protects a general quantum system from the action of a set of arbitrary uncontrolled unitary evolutions. This method draws its inspiration from ideas of standard error-correction (ancilla adding, coding and decoding) and the Quantum Zeno Effect. A pedagogical demonstration of our method on a simple atomic system, namely a Rubidium isotope, is proposed.