• Progress in space weather modeling in an operational environment

      Tsagouri, I.; Belehaki, A.; Bergeot, N.; Cid, C.; Delouille, V.; Egorova, T.; Jakowski, N.; Kutiev, I.; Mikhailov, A.; Nunez, M.; et al. (2013)
      This paper aims at providing an overview of latest advances in space weather modeling in an operational environment in Europe, including both the introduction of new models and improvements to existing codes and algorithms that address the broad range of space weather's prediction requirements from the Sun to the Earth. For each case, we consider the model's input data, the output parameters, products or services, its operational status, and whether it is supported by validation results, in order to build a solid basis for future developments. This work is the output of the Sub Group 1.3 "Improvement of operational models'' of the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) Action ES0803 "Developing Space Weather Products and services in Europe'' and therefore this review focuses on the progress achieved by European research teams involved in the action.