• The Use of a Solid Hydrocarbon as a Graphite Substitute for Astaloy CrM Sintered Steel

      Pieczonka, T.; Georgiev, J.; Stoytchev, M.; Mitchell, Stephen C.; Teodosiev, D.; Gyurov, S. (2004)
      Abstract Höganäs Astaloy CrM powder was used to prepare mixtures with 0.3-1.6 % carbon contents, both with and without 1 wt.% manganese additions. The carbon was added in three ways: as a graphite powder, as a solid CnHm hydrocarbon powder, and as a mixture of both. Green compacts were pressed at 300 - 800 MPa and sintered isothermally at temperatures in the range 1170 - 1295°C under flowing high purity nitrogen or nitrogen/hydrogen (9:1) atmosphere. Compressibility of the powder mixtures was investigated. Carbon loss occurring during sintering was carefully monitored. Sintering behaviour of numerous combinations of carbon content was investigated by dilatometry. For high carbon contents and high sintering temperatures, densification resulted from controlled generation of a liquid phase. Advantages of using solid hydrocarbon as a carbon donor and of Mn addition in powder metallurgy processing of steels are indicated.