• MotiVar: Motivating Weight Loss Through A Personalised Avatar

      Ugail, Hassan; Mackevicius, Rokas; Hardy, Maryann L.; Hill, A.; Horne, Maria; Murrells, T.; Holliday, J.; Chinnadorai, R. (IEEE, 2019)
      This work aims to develop a personalised avatar based virtual environment for motivating weight loss and weight management. Obesity is a worldwide epidemic which has not only enormous resource impact for the healthcare systems but also has substantial health as well as a psychological effect among the individuals who are affected. We propose to tackle this issue via the development of a personalised avatar, the form of which can be adjusted to show the present and the future self of the individual. For the avatar design and development phase, we utilise a parametric based mathematical formulation derived from the solutions of a chosen elliptic partial differential equation. This method not only enables us to generate a parameterised avatar model, but it also allows us to quickly and efficiently create various avatar shapes corresponding to different body weights and even to different body postures.