• Through process modeling for the fatigue life assessment of notched injection-molded specimens

      Castagnet, S.; Nadot-Martin, C.; Bernasconi, A.; Lainé, E.; Conrado, E.; Caton-Rose, Philip D. (2014)
      The study is based on a previously proposed methodology for multiaxial fatigue life assessment of injection-molded components (called ‘Through Process Modeling’ (TPM)). The present contribution focuses on stress concentration effects induced in notched samples. Purely macroscopic approaches are unable to capture the different mechanical responses of variably injected parts with the same shape. A high interest of the present method is to take into account the difference of fiber orientation resulting from the process. After briefly reminding the TPM method, it will be shown that good lifetime estimations are obtained for laterally injected samples, from a fatigue criterion identification based on longitudinally injected ones.