• Experimental study on compressive behavior and failure analysis of composite concrete confined by glass/epoxy ±55° filament wound pipes

      Gemi, L.; Koroglu, M.A.; Ashour, Ashraf F. (2018-03)
      This paper investigates the strength and ductility of concrete confined by Glass/Epoxy ±55° Filament Wound Pipes (GFRP) under axial compression. A total of 24 cylinderical specimens were prepared with expansive and Portland cements, properly compacted and un-compacted for different composite fresh concrete matrix. Test results showed that compressive strength and axial deformation at failure of concrete confined with GFRP tubes increased by an average of 2.85 and 5.57 times these of unconfined concrete, respectively. Macro and micro analyses of GFRP pipes after failure were also investigated. Debonding, whitening, matrix/transfer cracking, delamination and splitting mechanisms were detected at failure, respectively. The experimental results were also employed to assess the reliability of design models available in the literature for confined concrete compressive strength.