• Evaluation of zero-dimensional stochastic reactor modelling for a diesel engine application

      Korsunovs, A.; Campean, I. Felician; Pant, G.; Garcia-Afonso, O.; Tunc, E. (2020-04)
      Prediction of engine-out emissions with high fidelity from in-cylinder combustion simulations is still a significant challenge early in the engine development process. This paper contributes to this fast evolving body of knowledge by focusing on the evaluation of NOx emissions predictions capability of a Probability Density Function (PDF) based Stochastic Reactor Engine Models (SRM), for a Diesel engine. The research implements a systematic approach to the study of the SRM engine model performance, based on a detailed space-filling design of experiments based sensitivity analysis of both external and internal parameters, evaluating their effects on the accuracy in matching physical measurements of in-cylinder conditions, and NOx emissions output. The approach proposed in this paper introduces an automatic SRM model calibration methodology across the engine operating envelope, based on a multi-objective optimization approach. This aims to exploit opportunities for internal SRM parameters tuning to achieve good overall modelling performance as a trade-off between physical in-cylinder measurements accuracy and the output NOx emissions predictions error. The results from the case study provide a valuable insight into the effectiveness of the SRM model, showing good capability for NOx emissions prediction and trends, while pointing out the critical sensitivity to the external input parameters and modelling conditions.