• Molecular Communications: Channel Model and Physical Layer Techniques

      Guo, W.; Asyhari, A.Taufiq; Farsad, N.; Yilmaz, H.B.; Li, B.; Eckford, A.; Chae, C-B. (2016)
      This article examines recent research in molecular communications from a telecommunications system design perspective. In particular, it focuses on channel models and stateof- the-art physical layer techniques. The goal is to provide a foundation for higher layer research and motivation for research and development of functional prototypes. In the first part of the article, we focus on the channel and noise model, comparing molecular and radio-wave pathloss formulae. In the second part, the article examines, equipped with the appropriate channel knowledge, the design of appropriate modulation and error correction coding schemes. The third reviews transmitter and receiver side signal processing methods that suppress intersymbol- interference. Taken together, the three parts present a series of physical layer techniques that are necessary to producing reliable and practical molecular communications.