• Adaptive resource management for P2P live streaming systems

      Yuan, X.; Min, Geyong; Ding, Y.; Liu, Q.; Liu, J.; Yin, H.; Fang, Q. (2013)
      Peer-to-Peer (P2P) has become a popular live streaming delivery technology owing to its scalability and low cost. P2P streaming systems often employ multi-channels to deliver streaming to users simultaneously, which leads to a great challenge of allocating server resources among these channels appropriately. Most existing P2P systems resort to over-allocating server resources to different channels, which results in low-efficiency and high-cost. To allocate server resources to different channels efficiently, we propose a dynamic resource allocation algorithm based on a streaming quality model for P2P live streaming systems. This algorithm can improve the channel streaming quality for multi-channel P2P live streaming system and also guarantees the streaming quality of the channels under extreme Internet conditions. In an experiment, the proposed algorithm is validated by the trace data.