• Efficient and Physics-based Facial Blendshapes based on ODE sweeping Surface and Newton's second law

      Fang, J.; Bian, S.; Macey, J.; Iglesias, A.; Ugail, Hassan; Malyshev, A.; Chaudhry, E.; You, L.; Zhang, J.J. (2021-07)
      Online games require small data of 3D models for low storage costs, quick transmission over the Internet, and efficient geometric processing to achieve real-time performance, and new techniques of facial blendshapes to create natural facial animation. Current geometric modelling and animation techniques involve big data of geometric models and widely applied facial animation using linear interpolation cannot generate natural facial animation and create special facial animation effects. In this paper, we propose a new approach to integrate the strengths of ODE (ordinary differential equation) sweeping surfaces and Newton's second law-based facial blendshapes to create 3D models and their animation with small data, high efficiency, and ability to create special facial effects.