• Tests of concrete flanged beams reinforced with CFRP bars.

      Ashour, Ashraf F.; Family, M. (2006-11)
      Tests results of three flanged and two rectangular cross-section concrete beams reinforced with carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) bars are reported. In addition, a companion concrete flanged beam reinforced with steel bars is tested for comparison purposes. The amount of CFRP reinforcement used and flange thickness were the main parameters investigated in the test specimens. One CFRP reinforced concrete rectangular beam exhibited concrete crushing failure mode, whereas the other four CFRP reinforced concrete beams failed due to tensile rupture of CFRP bars. The ACI 440 design guide for FRP reinforced concrete members underestimated the moment capacity of beams failed due to CFRP tensile rupture and reasonably predicted deflections of the beams tested. A simplified theoretical analysis for estimating the moment capacity of concrete flanged beams reinforced with FRP bars was developed. The experimental moment capacity of the CFRP reinforced concrete beams tested compared favourably with that predicted by the theoretical analysis developed.