• Effect of compaction pressure on consolidation behaviour of unsaturated silty soil

      Estabragh, A.R.; Javadi, Akbar A.; Boot, John C. (2004)
      The effect of compaction pressure on subsequent soil behaviour during isotropic consolidation has been investigated by conducting controlled-suction triaxial tests on samples of an unsaturated compacted silty soil. A comprehensive set of laboratory experiments was carried out in a double-walled triaxial apparatus on samples of unsaturated soil that were prepared using two different compaction pressures. The axis translation technique was used for creating the desired suctions in the samples. In the experiments, the soil samples were subjected to isotropic consolidation under constant suctions. The results show that different compaction pressures produce different fabrics in a soil and therefore affect the behaviour of the soil. The results also show that the value of yield stress and the location of the loading¿collapse (LC) yield curve are functions of soil fabric. Furthermore, it is shown that the slopes of normal consolidation lines for densely and loosely compacted samples differ in unsaturated conditions but are the same in saturated soils. A comparison is made between the behaviour of the dense and loose samples, and the difference in the behaviour is explained.