• Impact resistance of deflection-hardening fiber reinforced concretes with different mixture parameters

      Banyhussan, Q.S.; Yildirim, G.; Anil, O.; Erdem, R.T.; Ashour, Ashraf F.; Sahmaran, M. (2019-06)
      The impact behavior of deflection-hardening High Performance Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Concretes (HPFRCs) was evaluated herein. During the preparation of HPFRCs, fiber type and amount, fly ash to Portland cement ratio and aggregate to binder ratio were taken into consideration. HPFRC beams were tested for impact resistance using free-fall drop-weight test. Acceleration, displacement and impact load vs. time graphs were constructed and their relationship to the proposed mixture parameters were evaluated. The paper also aims to present and verify a nonlinear finite element analysis, employing the incremental nonlinear dynamic analysis, concrete damage plasticity model and contact surface between the dropped hammer and test specimen available in ABAQUS. The proposed modelling provides extensive and accurate data on structural behavior, including acceleration, displacement profiles and residual displacement results. Experimental results which are further confirmed by numerical studies show that impact resistance of HPFRC mixtures can be significantly improved by a proper mixture proportioning. In the presence of high amounts of coarse aggregates, fly ash and increased volume of hybrid fibers, impact resistance of fiberless reference specimens can be modified in a way to exhibit relatively smaller displacement results after impact loading without risking the basic mechanical properties and deflection-hardening response with multiple cracking.