• Beam steering technique for binary switched array antenna using genetic algorithm

      Emmanuel, I.; Abd-Alhameed, Raed A.; Elkhazmi, Elmahdi A.; Abusitta, M.M.; See, Chan H.; Ghazaany, Tahereh S.; Jones, Steven M.R.; Excell, Peter S. (2013)
      A new approach in achieving beam steering in array antenna is introduced using the genetic algorithm optimization. The binary switching technique uses simple binary ON/OFF diodes placed in the feeding network of the array element to achieve beam steering. Constantly feeding the driven element and continuous binary variation of the ON/OFF state of each parasitic array elements which determines its conducting ability defines a beam steering angle. Each beam steered angle is distinguished by series of binary combination determined by the genetic algorithm. A uniform circular array antenna consisting of 13 elements is used to implement this technique. The simulation and result analysis of the binary switched array is presented with several beam steering angles scanned.