• A new methodology to optimize Turnaround Maintenance (TAM) scheduling for gas plants

      Elwerfalli, A.A.; Khan, M. Khurshid; Munive-Hernandez, J. Eduardo (2018-01)
      Time, cost and risk are the main elements that effect the operating margin of the oil and gas companies due to Turnaround Maintenance (TAM). Turnaround Maintenance (TAM) is a methodology for the total shutdown of plant facilities during a pre-defined period to execute inspection actions, replacement and repairs according to Scope of Work (SoW). This paper presents a new methodology for improving TAM scheduling of oil and gas plants. The methodology includes four stages: removing Non-critical Equipment (NE) from reactive maintenance to proactive maintenance, risk-based inspection of Critical Static Equipment (CSE), risk-based failure of Critical Rotating Equipment (CRE), and application of failure distributions. The results from improving TAM scheduling is associated with decreasing duration and increasing interval between TAM leading to improved availability, reliability, operation and maintenance costs and safety risks. The paper presents findings from the TAM model application. The methodology is fairly generic in its approach and can also be adapted for implementation in other oil and gas industries that operate under similar harsh conditions.