• A multiple constituency approach to IJV performance measurement.

      Mohr, Alexander T. (2006)
      This paper analyses the differences in the way partner firms assess the performance of international joint ventures (IJV). It is argued that an understanding of these differences is important for the practice of, and for research into IJV management. From a managerial point of view, firms, as well as IJV management, need to know how the partners evaluate the venture's performance. From a research perspective such differences can distort the results of studies that compare the performance of IJVs with other organizational designs or aim to identify the determinants of IJV performance. A multiple constituency approach is employed to develop hypotheses and test them using empirical data gathered through a questionnaire survey among 110 managers of German¿Chinese joint ventures (GCJV) in the People's Republic of China. This is supplemented by qualitative data gathered through in-depth interviews with 25 managers. The findings highlight a number of differences regarding the way in which partner firms assess the performance of IJVs that are relevant for practice and research.