• Using photo-elicitation to understand experiences of work-life balance

      Cassell, C.; Malik, Fatima; Radcliffe, L.S. (2016-08)
      Within this chapter, we explore the use of participant photo-elicitation methods in studying how people manage their daily episodes or incidences of work-life balance. Participant photo-elicitation methods rely upon research participants taking their own photographs of a subject as guided by the researcher(s). In addressing this particular technique, we explore some important methodological issues for HRM researchers who seek to use these methods and explain how this type pop methodology has much to offer when studying HR issues such as work-life balance. We conclude that one of the major benefits of the method is the role of photographs as a "conversational technology" (Gammack & Stephens, 1994, p. 76) in encouraging participants to talk and reflect.