• Sentiment analysis of products’ reviews containing English and Hindi texts

      Singh, J.P.; Rana, Nripendra P.; Alkhowaiter, W. (2015)
      The online shopping is increasing rapidly because of its convenience to buy from home and comparing products from their reviews written by other purchasers. When people buy a product, they express their emotions about that product in the form of review. In Indian context, it is found that the reviews contain Hindi text along with English. It is also found that most of the Hindi text contains opinionated words like bahut achha, bakbas, pesa wasool etc. We have tried to find out different Hindi texts appearing in product reviews written on Indian E-commerce portals. We have also developed a system which takes all those reviews containing Hindi as well as English texts and find out the sentiment expressed in that review for each attribute of the product as well as a final review of the product.