• Employment relations in German multinational companies in the UK and the future of the German model: empirical evidence on country-of-origin effects and industry internationalisation.

      McDonald, Frank; Heise, A.; Tüselmann, H-J.; Allen, M. (2010)
      Interest has grown in the significance of the country-of-origin impact on the Employment Relations (ER) approaches in the international subsidiaries of Multinational Companies (MNCs). In this article, a comparative cross-sectional analysis of German subsidiaries with indigenous UK firms will be provided. The central issues concern the extent to which German MNCs in deregulated Anglo-American industrial relations settings draw on the German ER model, adjust to the host-country context or adopt current ¿best practice¿ prescriptions frequently associated with leading US MNCs. Here, the key questions are: How and to what extent do different industry-specific forces interrelate with country-of-origin effects and pressures to adopt ¿best practice¿ approaches to shape subsidiary ER outcomes?