• Investigating logistics-related food loss drivers: A study on fresh fruit and vegetable supply chain

      Surucu-Balci, Ebru; Tuna, O. (2021-10)
      Food loss is one of the significant threats to sustainable development. Although various studies investigating food loss drivers disclosed that logistics is a significant reason for food loss, logistics-related food loss drivers have not been thoroughly studied. Thus, this paper aims to identify, classify and rank the logistics-related food loss drivers, having more influence on the amount of food loss in the fruit and vegetable supply chain, with the help of a mixed-method approach. First, a literature review was conducted to identify potential logistics-related food loss drivers. A total of 49 articles were analyzed. Second, 21 semi-structured interviews were conducted with industry experts to finalize the drivers. Third, the analytical hierarchy process was employed to rank the drivers having more influence on the amount of food loss. Five main drivers and nineteen sub-drivers were identified at the end of the literature review and interview process. Categorization of main drivers is based on the logistics activities. According to results, warehousing-related drivers and transportation-related drivers are the two most influential drivers on the amount of food loss, while lack of coordination and improper packaging material are the two most influential sub-drivers. Following the ranking of drivers and sub-drivers, mitigation strategies to diminish food loss are also discussed. The findings of this study are intended to guide fruit and vegetable supply chain actors in tackling food loss.