• Talent management practice in Oman: The institutional perspective

      Al Amri, R.; Glaister, Alison J.; Spicer, David P. (Edward Elgar, 2016)
    • Talent management: managerial sense making in the wake of Omanization

      Glaister, A.J.; Al Amri, R.; Spicer, David P. (Routledge, 2021)
      We examine how managers in Oman make sense of localization policies (Omanization) through their use of talent management (TM). Through an institutional logics (IL) lens, it is possible to examine how organizations confront institutional complexity and understand the interplay between state, market and societal logics. The paper analyses twenty-six interviews with managers in the Petroleum and Banking sector and is the first to examine TM within the context of Omanization using a layered, IL perspective. The paper finds that punitive state logics encourage organizations to focus on the societal wellbeing of their TM measures and inspires a sense of corporate social responsibility. Yet, the market logic dictates a stratified and differentiated approach that manages impressions of inclusivity while safeguarding organizational interests.