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      REF 2014; Bradford; Community cohesion; Parallel lives; Riots; Segregation; Social capital; Social cohesion [1]
      REF 2014; Capitalist philanthropy; Hegemonic partnerships; Philanthropists; Private corporations; Agricultural commodification; Sub-Saharan Africa; New Green Revolution [1]
      REF 2014; Child happiness; Well-being; Family; Stressors; Socioeconomic; Context [1]
      REF 2014; Children in care; Children's views; Effective interventions; Emotional well-being; Mental health [1]
      REF 2014; Children’s views; Family and peer relationships; Activities; Time; Bullying [1]
      REF 2014; Communication; Micro-dialogue; Miscommunication; Self; Unconscious [1]
      REF 2014; Dialogue; Emotion; Imagination; Internal conversation; Reflection; Reflexivity [1]
      REF 2014; Discourse; Fragmentation; Identity; Polyphony; Truth [1]
      REF 2014; Individualization; Organizational leadership; Public sector [1]
      REF 2014; International security; 'Remote control'; Special forces; Private military companies; Private security companies; Remote systems [1]
      REF 2014; Iraq; Iran; Afghanistan; Pakistan; al-Qaida; Bush; Insurgency; 9/11 attacks; Regime termination; Security [1]
      REF 2014; Lockerbie bombing; Western policy; Iran; [1]
      REF 2014; Millennium Development Goals (MDGs); Development; Planning; 2015 [1]
      REF 2014; Nanotechnology; Arms control; Military; Challenges [1]
      REF 2014; Palestine; Oslo Accords; Peacebuilding; Colonial practices; [1]
      REF 2014; Palestine; Statebuilding; Partners for Peace; Palestinian Authority; Israel [1]
      REF 2014; Palestinian Authority; Gaza; Hamas; West Bank; Fatah; Violence [1]
      REF 2014; Philanthropy; Partnerships; welfare governance; Faith-based organisation [1]
      REF 2014; Power; Non-dominating power; Contemporary activism; Neighbourhood activists [1]
      REF 2014; Regime change; Peacekeeping; Militarization of peace missions; Neoliberal ideas of political economy [1]