• The feasibility of psychometric measures for body image and lymphedema for routine practice

      Hollyhead, C.; Branney, Peter (Wiley, 2020)
      Research Question: To assess the feasibility of the MGSIS-5and G3L-20 in a community sample of cisgender men aged 40 years and older Research problem: Psychometric measures can aid urologic practice by prompting patients to talk about aspects of their body that are either too sensitive or a natural part of aging. Importantly, reliable and valid measures can also contribute to a an evidenced-based-practice-based-evidence cycle where they can establish the impact of changes recommended by research while using the results in turn to inform research. In this study, we examine two psychometric measures on the opposite ends of a psychological-physical continuum; the Male Genital Self-Image Scale (MGSIS-5) and the Groin and Lower Limb Lymphedema questionnaire (G3L-20) Methodology: Non-experimental psychometric design administering the questionnaires online to a community sample of cisgender men aged 40 years old and above. Validity and reliability analyses were conducted. Results: 30 men completed the study; 14 aged 40-49, 14 aged 50-59 and 2 aged 60-69. The MGSIS-5 and G3L-20 show acceptable reliability and validity with one- and three-component structures respectively. Conclusions: The MGSIS-5 and G3L-20 show sufficient feasibility to justify the resources for studies with larger community samples and for pilot studies with clinical populations.