• Constructive Work with male sex offenders:male forms of life, language, games and change.

      Cowburn, I. Malcolm (2009-06-24)
      Acknowledgements. Contributors. Prologue, Jeremy Cameron. 1. Constructive Work with `Offenders': Setting the Scene, Kevin Gorman, Patrick O'Byrne and Nigel Parton. 2. Collaborative and Constructive Frontline Practice with Offenders in a Climate of `Tough Love' and `Third Way' Politics, Bill Jordan. 3. The Offender as Citizen: Socially Inclusive Strategies for Working with Offenders Within the Community, Marilyn Gregory. 4. Constructing Safety: A Collaborative Approach to Managing Risk and Building Responsibility, Michelle Hayles. 5. The Constructive Use of Courtroom Skills and Enforcement to Achieve Client Co-operation and Change, Geoff Kenure. 6. Constructing a Convincing Narrative: The Art of Persuasive Storytelling within the Tight Constraints of Formal Pre-sentence Assessments for the Criminal Courts, Kevin Gorman. 7. Dangerous Constructions: Black Offenders in the Criminal Justice System, Lena Dominelli. 8. Constructive Work with Women Offenders - A Probation in Prison Perspective, Sue Carless. 9. Constructive Work with Male Sex Offenders: Male Forms of Life, Language Games and Change, Malcolm Cowburn. 10. Dispensing With Justice: Young People's Views of the Criminal Justice System, Monica Barry. 11. Offenders `R' Us, Marilyn Gregory with Kevin Gorman, Michelle Hayles and Nigel Parton. Epilogue, Jeremy Cameron. Index