• Application of Behavior Change Techniques in a Personalized Nutrition Electronic Health Intervention Study: Protocol for the Web-Based Food4Me Randomized Controlled Trial

      Macready, A.L.; Fallaize, R.; Butler, L.T.; Ellis, J.A.; Kuznesof, S.; Frewer, L.J.; Celis-Morales, C.; Livingstone, K.M.; Araujo-Soares, V.; Fischer, A.R.H.; et al. (2018)
      In order to determine the efficacy of behavior change techniques (BCT) applied in dietary and physical activity intervention studies, it is first necessary to record and describe techniques which have been used during such interventions. Published frameworks used in dietary and smoking cessation interventions undergo continuous development and most are not adapted for online delivery. The Food4Me study (N=1607) provided the opportunity to use existing frameworks to describe standardized online techniques employed in a large-scale internet-based intervention to change dietary behaviour and physical activity.