• Powerful Emotions: Power, Government and Opposition in the `War on Terror'

      Burkitt, Ian (2005)
      This article aims to understand how emotions are integral elements in relations of power and government, with particular reference to the `War on Terror' declared by many Western governments after the events of 11 September 2001. In particular, I analyse two incidents within this: the peace demonstration against the Iraq war in London, 2003, and the aftermath of the Madrid train bombings in Spain, 2004. Using newspaper reports of these two incidents, I analyse how emotions were used by governments to try to direct the conduct of the population along with the uncertain reaction to this. Using Foucault's insights on power along with the theoretical work of Durkheim, Arendt and Nussbaum, I argue the evidence indicates that the emotions which run through relations of power are complex and ambivalent, motivating resistance and opposition to government as much as compliance.