• When your pregnancy echoes your illness: transition to motherhood with inflammatory bowel disease

      Ghorayeb, J.; Branney, Peter; Selinger, C.P.; Madill, A. (2018-07)
      Our aim is to provide an understanding of the experience of women with IBD who have made the transition to motherhood. Twenty-two mothers with IBD were recruited from around the UK. Semi-structured interviews were conducted and analyzed using thematic analysis. The central concept – Blurred Lines – offers a novel frame for understanding the transition to motherhood with IBD through identifying parallels between having IBD and becoming, and being, a mother. Parallels clustered into three main themes: Need for Readiness, Lifestyle Changes, and Monitoring Personal and Physical Development. Hence, women with IBD are in some ways well prepared for the challenges of motherhood even though, as a group, they tend to restrict their reproductive choices. We recommend health professionals initiate conversations about reproduction early and provide a multidisciplinary approach to pregnancy and IBD in which women have confidence that their on-going treatment will be integrated successfully with their maternity care.