• DES Working Paper No 1: A Paler Shade of Litigation: Still more confusion in Musical Property Rights.

      Cameron, Samuel (Department of Development and Economic Studies, University of Bradford, 2009-01)
      This paper gives an economic analysis of the judicial decisions in the disputes over authorship of Procol Harum's 'A Whiter Shade of Pale'. The first legal contest took place in 2006, 39 years after the song was written and was found in favour of the plaintiff (Fisher), in the first case he has brought against Brooker-Reid, in terms of his right to authorship. He was deemed to merit 40% of the musical composition rights but only from the date of his application onwards. However the case went to appeal with the result that in April 2008, it was found that although Fisher was still entitled to the authorship status he had been granted that he was not now entitled to any share whatsoever of the composing royalties. This case is partly unusual in that the judge, in the initial case, had formal musical training and saw fit to interpolate this human capital into the proceedings. The defendants made a number of remarks about the nature of the precedent set and its implications which can be usefully discussed in terms of economic models of production. In the appeal hearing one of the reasons given for the decision reached was the argument that the previous cases set an unfortunate precedent detrimental to composers of pop/rock music. The 'rock and pop' music production mode is discussed here with reference to this and other pertinent cases.
    • Estimates of a model of male participation in the market for female heterosexual prostitution services

      Cameron, Samuel; Collins, A. (2003)
      In this paper a simple model is presented that considers the factors influencing male decisions concerning whether or not to consume, at the margin, female prostitution services. Data from an extensively piloted and sophisticated national survey of sexual attitudes and lifestyles were used to test the predictions. Health risks of consumption, religious denomination and factors signalling variations in inherent risk disposition are shown to explain consumption of such services.
    • The value of collecting a particular musical artist: the case of MiniDiscs

      Cameron, Samuel; Reynolds, Michael (2015-09)
      This paper adds to the limited economic literature on collecting behaviour by studying the price of musical works in the minidisc format. Over 1,000 MiniDisc prices are analysed using various estimating equations. The use of MiniDiscs allows the estimate of 'pure' collecting effects as there is no gain, in terms of listening content, from the purchase over other formats. What we observe in pricing can therefore be seen as premium for the fan of collecting a scarce item of product. Solo artists who had a tragic death commanded an estimated premium of around 86% using the power function with Greatest Hits having a premium of around 45% price. Both these were statistically significant at high levels.
    • ; Wiccanomics

      Cameron, Samuel (2005-03)