• Supporting direct care workers in dementia care: effects of a psycho-educational intervention

      Barbosa, Ana; Nolan, M.; Sousa, I.; Figueiredo, D. (2015-03-01)
      An experimental study using a pre-posttest control group design was conducted to assess the effects of a person-centred care based psycho-educational intervention on direct care workers’ stress, burnout and job satisfaction. The intervention aimed to develop person-centred care competences and tools for stress management. Four aged care facilities were randomly assigned to a psycho-educational or an education-only intervention (control). Data were collected from fifty-six direct care workers (female, mean age 44.72±9.02) through measurements of burnout (Maslach Burnout Inventory), job satisfaction (Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire-short form) and stress (Perceived Stress Scale) and focus-group interviews. Results showed significant positive effects in emotional exhaustion (p=0.029) and positive but no significant effects in stress and job satisfaction. According to qualitative data, the experimental group perceived enhanced group cohesion, emotional management and self-care awareness. Psycho-educational interventions may contribute to reduce direct care workers’ burnout. Further work is needed to determine the extent of its benefits.