• Achieving ecological validity of occupation-based interventions for healthy aging

      Orellano-Colon, E.M.; Varas-Diaz, N.; Bernal, G.; Mountain, Gail (2014-12)
      Aim: To develop a culturally sensitive occupation-based health promotion intervention for older Hispanic adults who live alone. Methods: We used a mixed method design for the content validation of the intervention and the Ecological Validity Model (EVM) to culturally center the intervention. In the quantitative phase, aging experts as well as community members from two activity centers for the elderly in Puerto Rico completed a content validity ratio exercise. In the qualitative phase, we conducted three focus groups with these participants. Data analysis included content validity ratio and a directed content analysis. Results: This resulted in a working version of the intervention protocol addressing the eight dimensions of the EVM. Conclusions: The EVM can be used to culturally center preventive interventions to other ethnic minority groups to augment the external validity and cultural competence of interventions. Future research must test the feasibility of this new intervention.