• Representational diversity

      Archibong, Uduak E.; Ashraf, Fahmida; Bucktrout, A.; Giga, Sabir I.; Jackson, H.; Johnson, M.R.D.; Baxter, C. (2007)
      Although the rationale for equal opportunities has been accepted within the UK public sector, there is little research into people's aspirations and experiences of Positive Action (PA) as a means of achieving equality of opportunity during the whole employment cycle. A research project was carried out to explore meanings of race-, disability- and gender- related PA initiatives and their impact on workforce diversity in Higher and Further Education and the National Health Service in England, with the aim of developing an understanding of the concept of PA and informing good practice in the effective use of such measures in these sectors. Using a combination of research methods including a literature review, interviews and focus groups, the paper highlights understanding of the concept of PA as well as its practice and interpretation amongst key stakeholders including senior managers, designers, current recipients and their peers.