• Developing a mobile learning solution for health and social care practice

      Taylor, J.D.; Dearnley, Christine A.; Laxton, J.C.; Coates, C.A.; Treasure-Jones, T.; Campbell, R.; Hall, I. (2010)
      In this article we share our experiences of a large-scale five-year innovative programme to introduce mobile learning into health and social care (HSC) practice placement learning and assessment that bridges the divide between the university classroom and the practice setting in which these students learn. The outputs are from the Assessment Learning in Practice Settings (ALPS) Centre for Excellence in Teaching Learning (CETL), which is working towards a framework of interprofessional assessment of Common Competences in the HSC professions. The mobile assessment process and tools that have been developed and implemented and the outcomes of the first-stage evaluation of the mobile assessment tools are discussed from the student perspective.