• Reliability of measurements with digital radiographs ¿ a myth.

      Varghese, B.; Muthukumar, N.; Balasubramaniam, M.; Scally, Andy J. (2011)
      The purpose of this study was to assess the accuracy of digital radiographs and hence their effectiveness in templating. The methodology involved a retrospective study of post operative radiographs of patients with hemiarthroplasty of the hip. Three observers made observations blinded to each other¿s measurements. A statistical analysis of the data highlights magnification varying from 6 to 31 percent. There is a statistically significant relationship between the size of the error (size measured on radiograph minus implant size, i.e. magnification) and the implant size (p = 0.005) but the percentage error (error/implant size x 100) is independent of implant size (p = 0.505). It is our impression that digital radiographs and templating on the digital radiographs should not be considered a precise process.