• Forensic age estimation based on the trabecular bone changes of the pelvic bone using post-mortem CT.

      Villa, C.; Hansen, M.N.; Buckberry, Jo; Cattaneo, C.; Lynnerup, N. (2013)
      We analyzed the trabecular bone changes in the pubic bone (PB) and in the auricular surface (AS) of the ilium using 319 CT scans of cadavers to estimate the age. Although the sharpness of the trabecular structure decreases in CT images when soft tissues are present, we identified four phases for the changes in PB and five in AS; a juvenile trait in PB and a senile trait in AS helped narrow the age range. High correlation with age was identified for both sexes in PB (F 0.89; M 0.75) and in AS (F 0.85; M 0.71) used independently or combined (F 0.91; M 0.78). The old adults (>60 years) could be evaluated with better accuracy and discriminated in several phases. We found low inter-observer error and low inaccuracy (about 6 years, mean for all age ranges). The method is robust with respect to slice thickness, display window and kernel within the tested ranges.