• Fas signaling is involved in the control of hair follicle response to chemotherapy.

      Sharov, A.A.; Siebenhaar, F.; Sharova, T.Y.; Botchkareva, Natalia V.; Gilchrest, B.A.; Botchkarev, Vladimir A. (2004)
      Chemotherapeutic agents induce p53-dependent apoptosis in the hair follicle (HF) resulting in hair loss, a common side effect of cancer therapy. Here, we show that Fas as a p53 target plays important role in the HF response to cyclophosphamide. Specifically, we demonstrate that Fas is up-regulated in HF keratinocytes after cyclophosphamide treatment, Fas ligand-neutralizing antibody partially inhibits HF response to cyclophosphamide in wild-type mice, and Fas knockout mice show significant retardation of cyclophosphamide-induced HF involution associated with reduced Fas-associated death domain and caspase-8 expression. These data raise a possibility to explore blockade of Fas signaling as a part of complex local therapy for inhibiting keratinocyte apoptosis and hair loss induced by chemotherapy.