• Prostaglandin D2 production in FM55 melanoma cells is regulated by ¿-melanocyte stimulating hormone and is not related to melanin production.

      Masoodi, Mojgan; Nicolaou, Anna; Gledhill, Karl; Rhodes, L.E.; Tobin, Desmond J.; Thody, Anthony J. (2010)
      This study shows that prostaglandins in human FM55 melanoma cells and epidermal melanocytes are produced by COX-1. Prostaglandin production in FM55 melanoma cells was unrelated to that of melanin suggesting that the two processes can occur independently. ¿-Melanocyte stimulating hormone (¿-MSH), which had no effect on melanin production in FM55 cells, stimulated PGD2 production in these cells without affecting PGE2. While cAMP pathways may be involved in regulating PGD2 production, our results suggest that ¿-MSH acts independently of cAMP, possibly by regulating the activity of lipocalin-type PGD synthase. This ¿-MSH-mediated effect may be associated with its role as an immune modulator.