• Archaeomagnetic Applications for the Rescue of Cultural Heritage.

      Batt, Catherine M.; Zananiri, I.; Tarling, D.H. (Elsevier, 2008)
      No Abstract
    • Archaeomagnetic Secular Variation in the UK During the Past 4000 Years and its Application to Archaeomagnetic Dating

      Batt, Catherine M.; Lanos, P.H.; Tarling, D.H.; Zananiri, I.; Lindford, P. (2009-06-18)
    • New developments in archaeomagnetic dating for Romania - A progress report on recent directional studies.

      Suteu, C.A.; Batt, Catherine M.; Zananiri, I. (Elsevier, 2008)
      This project seeks to address the lack of geomagnetic field data for the territory of Romania by sampling and analysing burnt archaeological features and sediments. The aim of this paper is to present the initial directional results and some magnetic mineralogical determinations from five features sampled during the first field season. Representative examples of directional and magnetic mineralogical analyses are presented, and dates are obtained using the REN-DATE software [Lanos, P., Kovacheva, M., Chauvin, A., 1999. Archaeomagnetism, methodology and applications: implementation and practice of the archaeomagnetic method in France and Bulgaria. Journal of European Archaeology, 2, 365¿392] and the published moving window averaged data from Hungary [Ma´rton, P., 2003. Recent achievements in archaeomagnetism in Hungary. Geophysical Journal International 153(3), 675¿690]. A comparison is made of the data obtained in this study with the published directional data from Bulgaria, Hungary and Ukraine.