• Size dependent effects of gold nanoparticles in ISO-induced hyperthyroid rats

      Zhang, J.; Xue, Y.; Ni, Y.; Ning, F.; Shang, Lijun; Ma, A. (2018-07-19)
      In this study, we applied different sizes of gold nanoparticles (Au-NPs) to isoproterenol (ISO)-induced hyperthyroid heart disease rats (HHD rats). Single dose of 5, 40, 100 nm Au-NPs were injected intravenously. Cardiac safety tests were evaluated by cardiac marker enzymes in serum and cardiac accumulation of Au-NPs were measured by ICP-MS. Our results showed that size-dependent cardiac effects of Au-NPs in ISO-induced hyperthyroid rats. 5 nm Au-NPs had some cardiac protective effect but little accumulation in heart, probably due to smaller size Au-NPs can adapt to whole body easily in vivo. Histological analysis and TUNEL staining showed that Au-NPs can induce pathological alterations including cardiac fibrosis, apoptosis in control groups, however they can protect HHD groups from these harmful effects. Furthermore, transmission electron microscopy and western blotting employed on H9C2 cells showed that autophagy presented in Au-NPs treated cells and that Au-NPs can decrease LC3 II turning to LC3 I and decrease APG7 and caspase 12 in the process in HHD groups, while opposite effects on control groups were presented, which could be an adaptive inflammation reacts. As there are few animal studies about using nanoparticles in the treatment of heart disease, our in vivo and in vitro studies would provide valuable information before they can be considered for clinical use in general.